St Pancras Catholic Church
The Central Ipswich Catholic Church

Whether you come as a visitor to the town, a new comer to the parish or a parishioner, this web site has the objective of introducing you to the central catholic church of the borough.

Ancient Ipswich dates back to the Iron Age and has developed as into an important industrial, commercial, shopping and tourist centre.  It has a long history with twelve Churches mentioned in the Doomsday Book.  Later it had at least five Priories and became a place of Pilgrimage to the famous Shrine of Our Lady of Grace.  This stood in what is still called Lady Lane.

The history of St. Pancras' Church can be found here.  The church has a loop system installed to assist people who are hard of hearing.  There are several catholic schools in the local area:  St. Albans' High School in Digby Road, St Mary's Primary School in Woodbridge Road, St. Pancras' Primary School, Stratford Road and St. Mark's Primary School, Stone Lodge Lane.

More information about Ipswich can be found here.

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